plastData by RAM GmbH - plastic Data Mining Analysis 

Individual Industrial Software Development

Our experience in individual software development makes us a competent and reliable partner. In close co-operation with you, our customer, exact expertises and a software of the highest quality arise. Developing and programming holistic software solutions has been a specialty of R.A.M. GmbH for many years. Our experts accompany you from the first idea to the finished, productive system with a sophisticated software development process. One of the most important factors for us is the close customer contact. Also stand for the rollout and for further operation We help our customers and contribute to the optimal use of the developed software solution.



The development of your software at R.A.M. GmbH offers the following advantages among others:

  • Detailed Requirements Analysis for your project, conducted by experienced R.A.M. GmbH experts
  • Time savings during project planning through agile software development
  • Open and fair communication
  • Regular updates - They show the current state of development of the project and ensure that everyone involved in the project has the same level of information
  • Intensive involvement on your part - as a customer - in all stages of development
Contact us, we will make the most out of your data!