plastData by RAM GmbH - plastic Data Mining Analysis

Network / Big Data

Big Data + Industry 4.0 = Industry Analytics

The analysis of the data with analytical methods promises profound insights how to optimize the production, which errors can be expected (predictive production) - and, even when a machine failure will occur. Based on these results, preventive maintenance measures can be taken accordingly. Ideally, companies save significant costs while increasing product quality and reducing machine downtime.


If the required data is available in a central database, they can be viewed in detail in standard reports as well as analyzed by statistical methods for recurring patterns. Using sophisticated data mining algorithms, these patterns can be determined in the hill of data and thus gain completely new insights and connections.


We from R.A.M. GmbH help you with this, based on the database collected by the different sensors create a mathematical model or algorithm that significantly improves production. This includes:
  • Higher effectiveness of all systems
  • Waste reduction / plastic waste reduction
  • Optimal resource usage
  • Better machine utilization
  • Quality Improvement
  • increased production
  • Minimization / reduction of the use of plastics
  • ...

  In combination with our intelligent HMI plastPMS , the process can be visually controlled and be optimized. As a result of all this, our algorithm helps to predict production (predictive production) and to recognize possible errors. before they happen (predictive maintenance). This concerns both components / hardware components that could be damaged in the near future, as well as the defects of the product itself, which can be remedied / avoided by appropriate countermeasures.